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Advocating for Medicare coverage of wigs as durable medical equipment for individuals with alopecia can have a profound impact on their lives. H.R. 4034 and S. 1922 are legislative bills aimed at reclassifying wigs as eligible for Medicare coverage, addressing the financial barrier faced by many. Access to wigs improves quality of life, enhances mental health, promotes equality, and empowers individuals with alopecia. By taking simple steps such as filling out a letter and emailing it to the designated contact, we can support these bills and help make a positive change for the alopecia community.

You can make a difference by taking action to help individuals with alopecia gain Medicare coverage for wigs.

  1. Begin by downloading the PDF HERE on NAAF.ORG.

  2. Print page and complete: On page 2 of the PDF, fill in your name and city on the provided letter.

  3. After filling out the letter, take a clear photo, scan it using a scanner or scanning app on your device.

  4. Compose an email and attach the scanned letter.

  5. Send the email with the scanned letter to Matt Duquette at

By following these steps, you will ensure that Matt Duquette receives your letter and hand-delivers it to your congressional representatives and senators.

Taking action promptly is important as it can expedite the progress of these bills towards a vote and increase their chances of becoming law.

Thank you for your valuable contribution in supporting the alopecia areata community.

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